Day 44: (04/25/13)

On Thursday, I spent 5 hours studying with a fellow classmate for the CHES exam. We went to Panera Bread, ate lunch, and sat outside. It was fun! I will be taking the exam on Saturday, so this will probably be the last full day that I will be able to study. My classmate Kim and I have been studying every Tuesday and Thursday this semester since January. We read the entire NCHEC study book and took the practice exam twice. Today when we studied, we reviewed the answers we got incorrect on the practice exam and studied those concepts. We also read over areas that we felt needed improvement. Overall, I think I am ready for the exam! Becoming a Community Health Education Specialist will help to improve my career opportunities and give me the credentials needed to perform my job as a health educator.

Daily hours: 5

Total hours: 355



My name is Bre and I am a 23-year-old southern girl {born&raised}, Marine wife {SemperFi}, health educator, and writer. God is my foundation, and through Him, all things are possible. {Philippians 4:13} Family & Friends are my inspiration. Education gives me a passion to inspire others to seek a healthy lifestyle. I hope to do this by sharing tips on fitness, food, and faith with you! And in the midst of it all, I get to write and create the story of my life.

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