Day 45: Last day!

Friday was my last day at the internship. I participated with Mr. Sherrard at another health fair located on base inside the NATTC hanger. Last year, the population was over 3,000 and this year, it was close to that again! However, I heard that the number of vendors this year decreased compared to last year. The population was mainly 18-30 year old male and female activity duty military. We represented the Naval Hospital and Deployment Health and Wellness with promotion of nutrition, safe sex and smokeless tobacco cessation. We passed out a lot of brochures and condoms at this event. Mr. Sherrard printed out more of the Nutrition brochures that I made for Monday’s health fair and passed them out as well. I thought that was cool and rewarding! I got to speak with a lot of people about nutrition. This strengthened my knowledge on the concepts of nutrition material. I enjoyed it and my last day of being an intern. It’s a bittersweet day because I am happy to be done and graduating but sad to leave the Naval Hospital and its staff. I’ve enjoyed this experience and everyone that I have worked with! On Tuesday of next week I am going to lunch with some of the staff as a farewell, so that will be nice! Thank you to Mr. Sherrard for letting me shadow him this semester!

Daily hours: 5

Total hours: 360


Day 44: (04/25/13)

On Thursday, I spent 5 hours studying with a fellow classmate for the CHES exam. We went to Panera Bread, ate lunch, and sat outside. It was fun! I will be taking the exam on Saturday, so this will probably be the last full day that I will be able to study. My classmate Kim and I have been studying every Tuesday and Thursday this semester since January. We read the entire NCHEC study book and took the practice exam twice. Today when we studied, we reviewed the answers we got incorrect on the practice exam and studied those concepts. We also read over areas that we felt needed improvement. Overall, I think I am ready for the exam! Becoming a Community Health Education Specialist will help to improve my career opportunities and give me the credentials needed to perform my job as a health educator.

Daily hours: 5

Total hours: 355