Today’s health fair was my first organized event and turned out to be a great success! I couldn’t be happier. The weather held out great with partly cloudy skies, warm weather but not too hot, and a slight breeze. My day started at 8am picking up the fruit basket from the commissary. That thing must of weighed 5 pounds! Then, I went over to the Naval Hospital to start setting up tables and preparing for our vendors to arrive. Mr. Sherrard, Nancy (his secretary), and Tara Rettig were all there upon my arrival. We made a great team and helped one another to ensure that everything happened that needed to get done. Mr. Sherrard ran and got some spring & patriotic balloons while I went back to the commissary and used the left over money from the $50 gift card to purchase 5 bags of cuties (california mandarin oranges). When I returned, vendors started to arrive and set up. The event started close to 11 and the volume was pretty steady all the way until 1pm. My husband came by to visit and had lunch/visited the vendors, which was nice. MWR was grilling chicken, veggie, and pineapple shish kabobs which were delish, along with a bottle of water for only $5! So below is the list of vendors that we had participating at our health fair ( I thought it was a great mix and covered all areas!):

  • Deployment Health & Wellness Center (Me, Nancy, & Jim) promoting Nutrition & Wellness. I handed out cutie oranges and we also had participants fill out the incentive cards so they could have a chance at winning the fruit basket!
  • The hospital’s MWR (Morale Wellness and Recreation) who were the ones grilling and selling the shish kabobs
  • Breast Health, NHP- Michelle Welks
  • Escambia County Department of Health
  • Escambia County Department of Health & Tobacco Cessation
  • AHEC & Tobacco Cessation
  • DAPA- Drug & Alcohol Prevention & Awareness, Navy program
  • Commissary promoting healthy eating as well
  • NEX- Navy Exchange promoting their fitness gear
  • SHEP club from UWF promoting Sun Protection
  • Massage Therapy- Molly Warren also from UWF
  • Evelyn Johnson & Joyce Robinson promoting preventive disease management (DIABETES & ASTHMA)
  • TriCare
  • PFAC Patient support
  • Family First Network promoting family health and adoption/foster care services
  • Suicide Prevention NHP
  • Sexual Assault NHP

As you can see, it was a great turn out and also a great experience for me! Pictures below 🙂

Daily hours: 8

Total hours: 342













My name is Bre and I am a 23-year-old southern girl {born&raised}, Marine wife {SemperFi}, health educator, and writer. God is my foundation, and through Him, all things are possible. {Philippians 4:13} Family & Friends are my inspiration. Education gives me a passion to inspire others to seek a healthy lifestyle. I hope to do this by sharing tips on fitness, food, and faith with you! And in the midst of it all, I get to write and create the story of my life.

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